[re]model presents a series of temporary, accumulating interventions (or essays) that act as spatial notes to delineate a thinking space. Visual and sensuous elements claim a space in and around the main buildings of the Institute of Philosophy at KU Leuven, a place where the verbal mode is lord and master and where something like the pictorial turn is on display mainly as a linguistic concept.
How can visual work take on a performative role in (the opening up of) thought processes and into the dialectic between the visual (or sensuous) and linguistic in our thinking? Can we unlock and develop thought processes that interact with non-linguistic elements? What’s the status of these accumulating notes that evolve and take on different guises?

[re]model started in October 2020 and is an ongoing. The Institute of Philosophy acts as an incubator for my non-solid essays, models somewhere in between abstract ideas and material artefacts.


October 2020

Today I installed a first work in the [re]model project. A kind of lectern structure painted in a shiny cerise-like colour. A reading stand that is slightly too small to be of any use.


January 2021

It’s all so quiet in the philosopher’s garden these days. The world out there seems to have shrunk to limits imposed on
us beyond our will. We rely on colour codes that qualify our movements, our contacts, our habits, …


January 2021

Probably everybody at the Institute is familiar with the table. It can be found in some sort of waiting room (what is it philosophers are waiting for?) next to the main entrance to the building housing the library and auditoria.


January 2021

On Thursday January 21 (2021) around 2 in the afternoon I brought back a book that I had taken earlier from the table where the library staff puts the books that no longer have a place in the library collection.


February 2021

I invited Gianluca Cosci to contribute to [re]model. On the morning of Friday February 19 (2021) he left a white square on the wall in one of Institute’s rooms.


March 2021

Something was added to the the display. A new lectern turned upside down, a new colour, a slightly slimmer structure.